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    Buying, selling and managing digital currency should be easy for everyone. And now it is.

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    Crypto, clarified.

    Kowry lets you monitor, manage, buy, sell, trade, and gift your digital assets as easily as posting a selfie.

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    The easiest way to own digital currencies

    1. Select a digital currency

      Choose from a range of trusted crypto & traditional currencies

    2. Buy it!

      Pick an amount, share your email, then complete purchase

    3. Manage your assets

      Effortlessly manage your assets using our secure platform

    Expand your crypto spectrum without blowing your mind ...

    Get inspired, follow your assets, and learn how to leverage and grow your portfolio. Read up on the latest trends...or don’t. How involved you get is up to you.

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    The most trusted digital currency platform


    Offline storage

    Any sensitive data that’s sent to our servers is instantly taken offline. We store cryptos offline too. Because if it’s not online…it’s not vulnerable to attack.

    All round encryption

    All round encryption

    Because no passwords are saved on our servers—and all your details are encrypted during transactions—no one has access to your coins, or your passwords, except you.

    Fail safe

    Fail safe

    Only a limited team has need-to-know access to your offline data. What does this mean for you? If you’re the kind the kind of person who loses passwords, these specialists can securely unite you, and your money, once again.

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